Day 1

Departure from Roma Airport or Termini Train Station. Arrival in Viterbo and check in to the hotel. Lunch in hotel. After lunch,  you will meet with the tour guide. Guided tour of Viterbo. The tour starts from  Palazzo Comunale ( the town hall),  where you can admire the beautiful frescos which decorate the interior of the town hall. Then we walk to Gesu’s Square,( the ancient political center in the XIII century), Morte’s Square, ( it  features a medieval fountain called spindle fountain, typical of the time), Farnese Palace, San Lorenzo’s Square with is medieval Cathedral,  the beautiful Papal Palace, ( the symbol of the city) , and Valentino Della Pagnotta’s House.  Next is San Maria Della Verita’s Church with its cloister, and the medieval district of San Pellegrino. Return to the hotel and dinner.

Day 2

Breakfast in hotel. Departure for Bagnaia, ( a district of Viterbo 4km from the  city centre),  by bus to visit Villa Lante and its unique Italian gardens.  They feature Palazzine Gemelle, ( twins buildings),  a renaissance building, and   several fountains.  The most characteristic  one  is Quattro Mori  Fountain designed by Vignola.  Lunch in a typical restaurant. Transfer to Caprarola to visit Farnese Palace, and its park  built between 1559  and 1575, realized by Vigonola to consecrate the power of the family. The palace features frescos by the brothers Zuccari and other famous  artists of mannerism era. Return to Viterbo and time for a walk.  Dinner in hotel.

Day 3

Breakfast in hotel and departure for Bomarzo to visit the famous Monsters’ Park. The Park was realized by the Architect Pirro Gregorio, ( who also completed San Pietro after the death of Michelangelo),  at the behest of Prince Pier Francesco Orsini. The Park was built in 1552 as “splendors Villa”, with the aim of creating a unique world  masterpiece. Mr. Giovanni Bettini  bought the park in 1954 after being neglected for many years. Transfer to Vasanello to visit Orsini Misciatelli Castle. The construction of the Castle took place in 1278 by Orso Orsini who had  already owned  the nearby  Palazzolo and Colle Casale. Other prestigious families  contributed to the history of the Castle such as   the Rovere and Colonna. The latter were the owners until the beginning of XVIII century known as the Dukes of Vasanello. After many vicissitudes the Castle was owned by the Barberini, and in 1787 by  Urbano,(  a member of the same family), who  inherited the castle and the princedom of Carbognano. The Castle was under the Barberini Colona di Sciarra’s possession up to the 19th century when it was given away to the Banca, (Bank) D Italia, which sold it to Monsignor Luigi Misciatelli. He then  restored the whole building.  Lunch in a restaurant nearby. In the afternoon transfer to Vignanello to visit Ruspoli Castle. For many centuries, both the Castle and the territory were the reason of disputes among  the families of Vico, Aldobrandini, Orsini, Borgia e Naldini. The situation was restored  in 1531 when the Pope Clemente VII promised the fief to Beatrice Farnese. After the wedding between Ortensia, daughter of Beatrice,  and Sforza Marescotti,  the fief was handed over to the Mariscotti, and Sforza became the first Count of Vignanello. He began the construction of the castle until 1538, the year of his death. The son of Ortensia,  Vicino Sforza,  continued the  work of his late father, and  the wedding with Vittoria Ruspoli spawned a new family under the name of Marescotti Ruspoli. Because of that Vignanello was governed  by the members of this  family up to 1816,  the year when they left the fief. Since then, they have been owning several properties up to now, like the Vignanello Castle. Return to the hotel, and dinner.

Day 4

Breakfast in hotel, and departure for Bracciano to visit  Odescalchi Castle. It is considered one of the most beautiful  European feudal fortresses realized in the second half of 400’.  The construction shows both  civil and military architectures.  The museum is the administrative and representative centre of the main families who owned it  for about 600 years.  Their ownerships is proved by ancient armies, the furniture, manuscripts, decorations and frescos. Lunch in a restaurant in Bracciano. In the afternoon stop in Oriolo Romano, to visit Altieri Paalace, with its papal portraits. Its original name was SantaCroce Palace, built between 1578 and 1585. The tradition said that Jacopo Barozzi, known as The Vignola, was the creator of the palace, as well as  the urban planning. But this remains an uncertain fact due to his death happened in 1573. The palace took the actual aspect between XVII and XVIII century thanks to the Altieri family. The architect who planned the restoration works of the  Palace was Carlo Fontana.  Some of the  frescos inside the palace were made by the school of Zuccari. After the visit, return to the hotel and dinner.

Day 5

Breakfast in hotel, and check out. Departure for Bolsena. Here you will meet the tour guide. Visit to Principe del Drago( the Dragon’s Prince) Palace, an elegant renaissance  dwelling. Inside it features a cycle of frescos from the mannerism time prior to the school of Zuccari. Characteristic is the terraced garden which overlooks the Lake Bolsena.  Lunch in a typical restaurant near the lake. Transfer to Roma Fiumicino Airport, or termini Train Station. End of the tour.