• Five –night accommodation  in Hotel and Full Breakfast;
  • All dinners;
  • Professional Tour guide;
  • Coach;
  • Guided Tours  and Admissions to Gardens and Monuments in the tour;
  • Promotuscia Customer Service ;
  • Medical and luggage insurance ;


  • Airplane flight;
  • Drinks with meals;
  • Porter at the hotel;
  • Tourist tax in Hotels;
  • Extras, tips and what not mentioned in “The fee includes”;




Day 1

Arrival  In Cagliari Airport.  The Architect Maurizio Usai will be waiting at the airport, and will be with us for the entire tour. Transfer to Ulassai, in the heart of Olgiastra, land of the artist Maria Lai.  Because of her  donation  of about one hundred  of her main works of art,  which had marked  the contemporary art of 900’,  In Ulassai has been launched a cultural project which  is the continuation of a vocation in the field of contemporary art  that the town has been nurturing for over 20 years. Proof of this is the so called  event  of 1981 “Legarsi alla montagna” ( Bind to the mountain), that based on a ancient legend , every house of the town was bound by a blue  ribbon about 10 km long. This was the springboard of many other events, and because of that the town is also known as  “an Open Contemporary Art Museum”.  Transfer by bus to Oliena, and check in to Hotel “Su Gologone”. Dinner in the hotel.

Day 2

Breakfast in hotel. Visit to the Gologone springs. They are the biggest of Sardegna. The water supply is about 300 liters per second, and gushes from a granite wall.  It gives origin to a small lake whose stream, crossing the eucalypti wood, flows into the  Cedrino River.  Transfer to Murales di Orgosolo. Orgosolo, a community set in the north part of Barbagia, gathers images and symbols of the Barbaricina culture, in fact some of them can be seen on the wall of houses.  They are the famous mural paintings ( about 100). They depict the history of the small community like events and world political disputes . Time for lunch.  In the afternoon visit to Parco Museo di Costantino Nivola, ( Costantino Nivola’s Park Museum) in Orani.  The museum  houses some works of the artist Costantino Nivola, in particular marble and travertine  sculptures,  ceramics and san-casting.  It consists of three pavilions, and panoramic terraces.  Afterwards, return to the hotel and dinner.

Day 3

Breakfast in hotel and check out. Transfer to Gallura. Visit to Mr. Carta’s garden.  The  garden was realized with many roses, grasses, and Mediterranean species, and is crossed by a stream which flows into a series of small pools. Time for independent lunch. In the afternoon transfer to Calangianus ,  located around the ancient capital of Gallura,  Tempio Pausania. It is one of the most industrialized towns of Italy, and represents the major centre for extracting cork.  Visit to  the Cork Museum. Afterwards transfer to Luras,. There are three ancient olive trees near the Saint Bartolomeo’s church dedicated to Santu Baltolu. The oldest one is  “S’Ozzastru” which has a perimeter of 12 meters, and is high 8 meters. Its esteemed age between 3000 and 4000 years old,  makes  this olive tree the oldest in Italy and one of the old in Europe. In1991, with a ministerial decree, it has been declared a   “Natural Monument”. Transfer to San Pantaleo, characteristic town because of its granite houses. It is  surrounded by rocky mountains. Check in to Hotel le Rocce Sarde. Dinner in hotel.

Day 4

Breakfast in hotel. Transfer to Nulvi, where we catch the green train of Sardegna for Palau.  Visit to Capo D’ Orso also known since ancient times , when the geographer Tolomeo,  for the first time plotted the coordinates in this area. Omero due to  his limitless fantasy,  set some of Ulisse’s trips  here. Afterwards, visit to Santa Teresa Gallura, which at first sight can be considered a new town as its origins date back to the first period of 800’, at the behest of Emanuele I di Savoia. Not to forget that this part of Sardegna,  among jagged granite cliffs, and Mediterranean woods, was inhabited  since prehistory.  it is possible to hear the music of the time trough strolling in the countryside, or admiring the beautiful see. The grand spaces, the unspoilt landscape, and the ancient scents, every thing reminds us of the past, where people, nature and deities populated this land.  We will be visiting some Struzzi,( typical rural houses of Gallura). Dinner at the  Agritourism and return  to the hotel.

Day 5

Breakfast in hotel. Transfer to Arzachena. Visit to Nuraghe Albucciu. (Nuraghe is an ancient  constructions made of local stone and dates back to 1900 and 730 BCE).  It has an irregular form and because of that, it  can also be called protonuraghe. Afterwards, visit to the Giganti Li Longhi’s tomb. This Tomb, as many others in the area, features two different periods of construction. The Nuragici, ( people who lived in this area many centuries ago),  gave to the tomb the final aspect, with an exedra, and the classic stele, and added an ancient dolmen , dating back to 1800 BC. It belongs to the Bonnanaro culture. The ancient dolmen, which now corresponds to the final part of the chamber, was a cista type which consisted  of a rectangular construction  made of stone slabs planted  into the ground, and covered up by  horizontal slabs. At the end of the visit transfer to Cantine, ( Winery) Capichera. The plots of  land not far from  Arzachena , where the vineyards are set, belonged  already  to the family since the 19th century and were used for grazing.  In the 1970s, the Ragnedda family planted new grapevines of Vermentino , the local grape,  and realized a winery for the production of good quality wine. In 1981, the first bottles of Vermentino wine were on the market.  Time for  wine tasting.  Lunch at the Pitraia Restaurant. In the afternoon transfer to Aggius to visit Valle della Luna, ( the Moon Valley)  The landscape is made of enormous rocks, open valleys  covered up by cork oaks, vineyards,  walls, and typical rural houses. Return to the hotel.  Dinner in hotel.

Day 6

Breakfast in hotel and check out.  Full day in Olbia to visit  the old town town centre and Museo del Mare( the Sea Museum). Time for independent lunch.  In the afternoon  transfer to Olbia airport.

End of the tour.