• five-night accommodation with full breakfast;
  • lunch in Alberobello, Ostuni e Specchia;
  • all dinners;
  • Professional Tour Guide:
  • Coach:
  • Guided Tours and Admissions to Gardens and Monuments in the tour;
  • Promotuscia Customer Service:
  • Medical luggage Insurance.


  • Flights;
  • Drinks during meals;
  • Hotel service Porterage
  • Local taxes:




An exclusive itinerary to discover picturesque places, villas, residencies of Salento.

Day 1

Arrival at  Brindisi airport.
Transfer to  Locorotondo , typical medieval village , considered one of the most interesting  in Italy.

The layout of the village  is circular and  surrounded by “Cummerse”, buildings built with a local stone called Chiacarella, also used to build the typical Trulli,( a traditional Apulian dry stone hut with a conical roof).

Afterwards, visit to  Alberobello .
Lunch at a typical trullo owned by a local Hotel. Guided tour of the village. There will be an explanation of  ” Trullo Sovrano” , ( Sovereign Trullo).
Check in to a  Masseria, ( Manor Farm) **** located in Andria and dinner.

Day 2

Breakfast in Masseria.
Transfer to Monopoli to visit  Lama degli Ulivi  Botanic Park. After the visit,  drive to Ostuni situated in a panoramic position characterized by whitewashed houses. Visit to  the most important civil and religious architectural buildings.

Lunch at a typical  restaurant.

Transfer to Massafra and meeting with Mr Peppino Montanaro  to see Amastuola Estate, work of the popular landscape architect Fernando Caruncho, who redesigned the entire area, saving 1500 age-old  olive trees. They have have been transplanted along the historic roads of  Masseria. The vineyard beside, covers an area of 100 hectares with curved  lines  of vines, 3km long.

Arrival in Lecce in the evening.

Check in to  Hotel President ****
Dinner in Hotel.

Day 3

Breakfast in hotel.
Transfer to Gallipoli, one of the most beautiful hamlets of Salento, and stroll through the  old town centre.
Visit to  Senape de Pace Palace , located in the old town centre.

The Palace was built between XVI and XVII century by the family Romito. It was then  bought by Stanislao and  Gregorio De Pace, and given to Senape Family after the wedding between Domenico Senape and Teresa di Pace,  daughter of Gregorio, Heroine of the Italian Risorgimento.  On the ground floor, there is a stable and the administrative office of Senape de Pace House. The first floor, reserved to the family, is embellished by frescos , with religious and naturalistic paintings on canvas by  Niccolò e Carlo Malincoico, and the splendid doors’ frames. Not to forget the elegant indoor loggia.

Independent lunch in Gallipoli.

Afternoon dedicated to a private circuit of eclectic villas in Santa Maria di Leuca. Leuca Caput Mundi of Salento, is the extreme point of this strip of land between the Adriatic and lonian seas. Enclosed by two natural rocky promontories, Punta Meliso in the east, and Punta Ristola in the west, Santa Maria di Leuca presents a picturesque coast rich in caves,  with various  chromatic effects in the water.  Where once there was a temple dedicated to Goddess Minerva, today we find Saint Maria De Finibus Terrae’s Sanctuary, a pilgrimage location and not far from the lighthouse.  Also Known for its numerous Elective villas of XIX century, Leuca always represents the last stop of a long trip in Salento. Visit to some of the most representative villas of Leuca seafront, exclusively opened: Villa Carparelli newly built  with a very special garden and  a Brazilian cave; Villa Scupola or Vinci with a garden overlooking the  beautiful sea, and Villa Arditi (1800) located on the seafront of Santa Maria di Leuca . Also visit to the beautiful  Madonna Degli Angeli’s Church in Presicce, (1600) opened specially for our Garden Club.

At the end of the day, visit to Villa Daniele where you will enjoy a seafood cocktail,  tasting of  food  and wines from Salento.

Return to the hotel.

Day 4

Breakfast in  hotel.
Day dedicated to the  exclusive private residences. The doctor  Francesca Ruppi will be with us.  she has knowledge of  both the history and landscape of Salento. After visiting some important corners of Lecce, stop at   Famularo Palace , whose garden was chosen as a filming location for many important international films.

The actual aspect of the palace ,( seventeenth-century), is due to the renovation works by the engineer Gaetano Marschieczeck. Its  eclectic and romantic style as well as the garden full of Mediterranean and exotic plants, make this place one of a kind. Later on, stop in Cardarelli Square  to see its beautiful market. Independent lunch in cafeteria of the old town centre.

Departure for Villas Carreli’s Garden,  known as Villa Reale. It dates back to the 30s, and represents one of the first works of Pietro Porcinai.  The garden shows a cut of Toscana   and  is characterized by   numerous sceneries.

Next is Morisco Palace in the heart of the old town centre of Lecce. It is located  at the back of the cathedral, and in front of the main urban street,  the one which once connected Porta S Biagio with Porta Rudiae. The Counts of Lecce, in the XIV century built a big residence, using the materials of the adjacent  roman theatre. In the 50s of the previous century, thanks to professor Nicola Galante, son in law of De Secly,  the palace went through some renovation works. Particularly important is  the restoration of the garden, set on several levels, with spectacular views over the roman theater . It is one of most prestigious aristocratic residencies.

Dinner at Morisco Palace’s  historic garden.  Mrs. Rossella Arditi Galante welcomes the group. In the  evening you will  enjoy  the  beautiful  voice of Raffaella Aprile,  who sings the “pizzica” salentina. Return to the hotel.

Day 5

Breakfast in hotel and meeting with the tour guide.
Transfer to the charming hamlet Specchia that  in 2004 has been named one of the  most beautiful hamlets in Italy. Visit to the well preserved old town centre ( IX century), with  its  alleys, stairs , and the typical white houses. The name “Specchie”, comes from stacked stones used for building guard-towers. Even today,  it is possible to see the two towers erected in the fifteenth century.

Transfer to the Botanic Garden Cutura, the owners will welcome the group. Visit to the estate characterized by rocks.  It features a huge greenhouse, gardens and a pond with papyrus and lilies. Lunch  in the Estate,( Included in the tour).  In the afternoon, visit to the handmade Weaving laboratory,  at the Fondazione di Casa Massell, located in a beautiful site  surrounded by trees. Textile workers, through a technique known as a  “Pinti”,  use   old looms to make precious items of clothing with materials such as vegetable fibers, tinctures, and colors. The shop has a vast range of items such as tapestries, carpets, bags,  fine sheets, tablecloths, shoes and cashmere.

Later on, drive to Villa Vergine la Speziale in Cutrofiano with the beautiful  Pietro  Porcinai’s garden. The villa was built in 1700, but initially it used to be a farm. At the beginning of 900’, Girolamo Vergine, thanks to his passion and good taste, added a new style to the villa , “ Art Nouveau”. The architect  Pietro Porcinai designed  the garden rich in plants, and  flowers from around the world, fountains, and antique sculptures made by a local stone. In the late afternoon,  departure for Lecce and dinner in Famularo Palace. Return to the hotel.

Day 6

Breakfast in hotel.
Transfer to Bari airport.

End of the tour.