• 3-night accommodation with full breakfast;
  • All dinners;
  • Aperitif and dinner at the Locanda Margon;
  • Tasting at Novacella Abbey;
  • Wine tasting of Tenuta s. Leonardo;
  • Coach;
  • Guided Tous and admissions to Gardens and Monuments in the tour;
  • PromoTuscia Customer Service.
  • Medical- luggage insurance;


  • flights;
  • Drinks during meals;
  • Lunches;
  • Hotel Service porterage;
  • Local taxes;




Day 1

Arrival at Trento Train Station  or Airport and check in  to Grand Hotel Trento ****.

Departure for Ferrari Cellars and Villa Margon owned by  Lunelli family.

The visit to the cellars  is a journey into the heart of the Italian wine tradition, which shows the magical transformation of Chardonnay from the hills of Trento, into an effervescent golden wine, known as perlage. At the entrance of the cellars, visitors can admire  the art of Arnaldo Pomodoro’s sculpture, “Centenarium Ferrari“, and  walk  through the cellars between  bottles and barrels. Afterwards, visit to Villa Margon. Villa Margon, strongly wanted by  Lunelli Family, today  the seat of the group, symbolizes the connection between the  Ferrari brand and the art. Not only is it one of the most beautiful noble residences of the area , but it is also one of the most important monuments of Trentino thanks to its history and legends. The estate  is full   of age-old woods, and vineyards on the hills surrounding Trento. Villa Margon, hosted cardinals and prelates from all over Europe for the religious assembly known all over the world. It is said that the Emperor Carlo V stayed here as the circle of frescoes inside the villa witnesses it. The  park,  because of its thriving  vegetation, is considered a masterpiece of nature.

Aperitif and dinner at the elegant Locanda Margon, popular for its fine cuisine ( it is included in the tour.

Return to the hotel.

Day 2

Breakfast in hotel and departure for Varna.

Visit to Novacella Abbey.

The bishop of Bressanone, Beato Artmanno, founded the Novacella Abbey in 1142, and since then the monastery has been following  the Augustinian’ s order. Since its foundation, the Abbey offered hospitality to pilgrims going to either Rome or the Holy Land. Thanks to the convent school and the profound interest in science and art, the abbey quickly became a spiritual and cultural center known throughout Europe. Proof of this are the rich library and the various teaching workshops held here. The Abbey is considered one of the most impressive and best-preserved monasteries of Tirolo.
A visit to this place allows you to go through the most important periods in the history of Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, and Rococo arts.

Another important site to see which belongs to the property, is the historic garden. The woods, vineyards, and wine cellars make the Abbey economically independent.

Taste of local products. ( it is included in the tour).

Afterwards,  transfer to Val di Non famous for its apples.

Next is Thun Castle. Here it may be possible to hire an audio guide. The castle, built in the mid- XIII century, was the seat of the powerful family of Thun that in the Val di Non and Val Del Sole owned other prestigious residences. The Castle is located on top of a hill near the village of Vigo di Ton, on a beautiful panoramic position.

It is an interesting example of Castellana architecture of Trento. The civil-military structure is typically Gothic and is surrounded by a complex system of fortifications such as  towers, bastions, moat, and battlements.

Next is Muse Museum. The most important feature of the building designed by Renzo Piano is the shape of the roof, which reminds of the steepness of the mountain slopes.

This is a futuristic  museum  because it  uses the mountain as a metaphor to relate the life on  earth. The visit start off from the top: the terrace and floor 4 show the sun and ice,  the lower floors feature three important themes such as  biodiversity, sustainability, and evolution.  The visit ends with the unique tropical greenhouse. Full and empty spaces seem to be floating due to the effects of the shade and light.

Dinner in a typical restaurant of Trento (included in the tour).

Return to the hotel.

Day 3

Breakfast in hotel and departure for Rovereto.

Guided tour of the Mart Museum where the art of the twenty century is related  through the masterpieces of the museum. One of the most important moments of the museum history has been  in  2013, during the exhibition of  Antonello da Messina, for  both the exceptional  works, and  the unusual chronological dimension. Light meal at the coffee bar of the museum. Transfer to Avio to visit Tenuta San Leonardo owned by Guerrieri Gonzaga family. It is rich in history, and one example of this is the wedding of Princess Teodolinda, daughter of the king of Bavaria with Autari, king of the Longomardi. Based on documented events, it is said that in 900’ there is evidence of the existence of this place, when the Bishop of Verona granted to the Bishop of Trento an estate of  woods, meadows, and vineyards located in Campi Sarni. In 1215, the fief was then passed on to  Crociferi Monks, -a religious order widespread in Europe in the late Middle Ages-, who built the monastery and gave rise to a flourishing agricultural activity. The only thing left about the monastery is  the Romanesque apse, which  presents high  arches outside, and  inside pieces of  frescoes  from  1200, once  used as a refectory for the needy.  Nowadays it is a place for keeping barrels. Next, visit to the Tenuta and  “l’Orto delle Meraviglie,” designed by Paolo Pejrone.

Wine tasting (included in the tour).

Afterwards transfer to  Lake Garda.

Check in to the historic Grand Hotel Gardone**** situated in one of the most beautiful locations of the lake.

Dinner in hotel.

Day 4

Breakfast in hotel.

Meeting with the Tour Guide Doctor Costanza Lunardi influential journalist and collaborator of the magazine, “Gardenia”, always  dedicated to protecting the environment, and promoting    the culture of the  territory. Visit to the picturesque Bonaspetti Park, greeted by Raffaele Bonaspetti, who will show you  this unusual park  overlooking  the lake and mountains nearby.

Time for independent lunch in Gardone.

Afterwards, visit to the Botanic   Garden  Hruska, owned by Heller foundation. Due to his passion for botany, and his skills,  he transformed the terraced vineyard into a landscape of unique charm. In fact, in the garden are collected hundreds of specimens of plants from all continents, (Africa, Greenland, and  the America, Hruska). It is the result of his numerous trips  . There are  palms, yuccas and tropical  and other plants,  that usually grow 2.000m  above sea level.
Transfer to the Trento Train Station or the Airport.

End of the tour.